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Our Rustic Round Wood Tray is an ideal complement for any modern kitchen, family room, bathroom, and home. Perfect for displaying soap dispensers, uniting our candles in a centerpieces, and showcasing a tastefully arranged shelf, these minimalist trays are a must-have!


Size: 7 x 7 x .8"

Material: Paulownia Wood

Color: Rustic Wood Tray with White Distressed Details

Use: Perfect to Use for Jewelry, Keys, and More!

Waterproof: A Coating was Added for Soap Dispenser Use (Do not let Water Sit in Tray)

Designed in the USA, Imported


Easy to Clean - Use a Soft Damp Cloth or Rinse with Water and Pat Dry

Not Suitable for Long-term Water Immersion or Using with Rough Material to Clean or it will Break the Water Resistance

Not Intended for Food Use

Not Microwave Safe or Dishwasher Safe