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Wall Decor and the Start of Southern Homestead Mercantile

Wall Decor and the Start of Southern Homestead Mercantile

One of my decor weaknesses is wall decor. I am a sucker for a charming print, a funny saying or a beautiful quote. Our wall decor is one of our largest offerings on our website for this reason!

My mom and I used to search the isles of different home decor stores looking for the perfect sign for a specific space in our house. Most times, we didn't find what we were looking for, or we weren't impressed with the quality. I started realizing that the decor I was shopping for at my local stores was either practically the same... and the quality was lacking. I kept thinking, there has to be wall decor that is more like an heirloom piece; one that I would like to keep for more than one or two seasons and that lasts for more than one or two seasons. Not to mention, I'd love decor that is timeless; that I can keep for years and just interchange, depending on my latest decor theme or style. 

Most of you don't know that I am a hairstylist and I own a hair salon. I work alongside my mom aka "Momager" every day and I love it! She manages and I create. One thing that we realized, was that we loved decorating the salon for the seasons. My clients would marvel at our decor and ask us where we bought it and how we used those pieces to decorate with. They started telling us that we should find a way to sell decor because they wanted to buy it. HOLY COW.... that sounded like a great idea! My mom and I love decor and love helping our clients find ways to decorate their homes. 

Hence, Southern Homestead Mercantile was born. I wanted an online store that has those pieces I was looking for but could never seem to find. 

We wanted not only beautiful, well-made decor, but decor that is made in America. (Which believe it or not, is very hard to find!) What wasn't hard to find, was quality, American-made wall decor. We have a couple of family-owned companies that are our favorite! 

When your order from us, you are supporting more than one American-made, family-owned small business. 

We are excited to announce that we will soon be offering door hangers and custom signs! 


Stay tuned...